Maybe it’s budget or travel, but whatever the case, there’s a lot of benefit to stretching your money (or your suitcase) by finding ways to wear the same suit for three consecutive days.

Your friends, business colleagues and others will never notice as long as you use your creativity to look fashionable even though your outfit remains mostly the same.

Based on our decades of experience in menswear, here is how to wear the same suit the right way without tipping off others to your cheat code.

Avoid wearing the same shirt for more than one day
It should go without saying, but change your shirt and the color daily. It changes the whole look of the suit, which is what you’re after.

Make sure the shirt matches – dark suits are best
It’s harder to accessorize with grey or lighter color suits, so go with traditional black or blue and then make decisions on what will give you a different appearance daily. If shirts are similar in color, split up the week by wearing the shades days apart.

Wear an undershirt to keep your top – and suit coat – shirt dry
If the scenario exists where you need to wear the same shirt more than once, use an undershirt to keep the top shirt dry and sweat-free.

Pick a textured or patterned shirt for some days
Plaid, checkered, or striped shirts add variety and keep you stylish. Break up monotony by wearing a pattern between a solid color.

Switch to a t-shirt or other casual shirt
If your dress code allows, wear a stylish t-shirt with your suit. You can also show off your personal style with a retro t-shirt, a plain color or a knit polo with a quarter button at the top.

Stick a different pocket square in your suit each day
The pocket square is a must have accessory if you wear a suit a lot. Choose a variety of colors and patterns, but make sure they coordinate with your tie and shirt color. You can also fold the square differently each day to add another layer of variety.

Play with your ties
Different colors, patterns, and textures all work in this regard, but try not to wear the same color tie as your shirt. Coordinate your look but don’t stick to a single hue.

Swap out shoes
Always make sure the shoes match the rest of your outfit, but try out different colors and styles. Have “a” and “b” days if you’re only working with two pairs of shoes.

Tips for Keeping Your Suit Fresh

  • Take it off as soon as you get home
  • Hang it on a wide-shouldered wood hanger in an open space to air out
  • Use a suit brush each day to remove dirt and dust
  • Steam the suit daily to keep it clean
  • Have a stain remover handy


For more advice and ideas, talk to your Libin’s fitting professional to create your best look.