Libin’s specializes in women’s casual jeans, sportswear and accessories by offering high-quality designer brands and a professional staff to guide you to the right style, cut, fit, and look.

Our upscale designer brands include NYDJ,  Tribal, Multiples, Brighton and more. Libin’s low prices will beat the competition down the street and at the mall with service that exceeds your expectations.

Check out our collections and let us help find you a comfortable new look.

Happy Socks

Brighton Watches

Brighton Hair Jewelry Clips and Hair Pins  $24 to $36

Brighton Lockets $78 to $108

Brighton Wallets $75 to $210

Ladies Spring Suits

Brighton Clocks $34 to $48

Brighton Phone Case and Ferrara Organizer 4$165 to $265

Brighton Jewelry  $54. to $148.00